The sftp server description

The domain name

The sftp server fully qualified domain name is This domain name is registered at Servet’s account at Servet gets this name freely as a part of his personal paying subscription to

The linux server

The server is a Virtual Private Server, a virtual Ubuntu 12.04 machine hosted by The hosting company offerst a Virtuozzo interface for managing the virtual machine and a PLESK interface for managing the services (website, sftp, mail, database etc) offered by the machine. To access these services, login at

Logging into the server

To login into the server, one needs to use a ssh client.

Access to Server administration

Servet Cizmeli, Robert Duplain and Simon BĂ©langer have full administrator (sudo) privileges of this machine. These users may prepend “sudo” to any command they wish to run with super-user privileges. Antinomie lhare

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