Image processing for Malina

malina_dataThe MALINA project contacted ARCTUS in May 2011 for the creation of a custom processing of the satellite images of MODIS Aqua and MERIS ocean color sensors. The ARCTUS team was provided with the alternative atmospheric correction scheme developped by Babin and Mazeran (2010). Level-2 images were processed with the standard and alternative atmospheric corrections. Level-3 (monthly and yearly temporal and spatial binned files) were also computed and provided in a spatial format easily exploitable by the scientific team along with a project report and documentation on how to visualize and further process the data.

References :
Babin, M. and Mazeran, C., (2010) A NEW NIR-VISIBLE ALGORITHM FOR ATMOSPHERIC CORRECTIONS OVER TURBID WATERS, Ocean Optics Conference XX, OOXX – Anchorage, Alaska – September 2010.