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Satellite Remote Sensing Intern

Arctus Inc. is at the forefront of the Canadian technology sector, specializing in the optical remote sensing of aquatic and coastal environments. Our expertise in satellite Earth observation and watercolor analysis technologies allows us to derive key indicators of the health of our oceanic, coastal, and inland water ecosystems.  Our R&D projects, supported by innovation grants and space agencies, have enabled us to develop products and services in the fields of satellite-derived bathymetry, water optical quality monitoring, shoreline erosion, and coastal ecosystems.

In the context of global changes, coastal mapping programs are essential for monitoring erosion, submersion risks, and ensuring maritime navigation safety. Reliable bathymetric data, which measure the depth of the seabed, are crucial but difficult to obtain near the coast due to shallow depths and navigation risks. Satellite bathymetry is an increasingly accepted solution by government agencies and hydrographic services. Arctus Inc., in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Ocean Mapping (CIDCO), has received funding from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation to improve their solution using artificial intelligence (AI) applied to satellite data. The main objective is to enhance satellite bathymetry for Canadian waters through new algorithms based on both physical models and artificial intelligence.

Arctus Inc. is looking for a satellite remote sensing intern to join its R&D team for this project.


Arctus Inc.’s current project has reached a key step with the development of a neural network capable of identifying shallow areas with satisfactory accuracy. However, the challenge remains in selecting high-quality satellite images free from sediment and cloud cover, which affect the network’s prediction reliability. The current network shows limitations, particularly in turbid water conditions or under heavy cloud cover. The main tasks for the intern will include:

  • IDENTIFY AND SELECT OPTIMAL SATELLITE IMAGES: Search for and select accurate and clear satellite images of coastal areas where bathymetric data are available for training the neural network.
  • COLLABORATE IN AI MODEL TRAINING: Assist the remote sensing analyst in the neural network training process to estimate the depth of shallow areas from the selected images.
  • AUTOMATE IMAGE SELECTION: Contribute to developing a solution for automating satellite image selection, potentially including the development of a neural network architecture capable of automatically detecting clouds and sediments.


  • Basic knowledge in computer science and programming (Unix, Python).
  • Basic knowledge of machine learning and neural networks.
  • Ability to work in a team within a cutting-edge scientific field.
  • Openness and interest in multidisciplinary approaches.
  • Excellent oral and written communication in French or English.


  • Schedule: Full-time, flexible hours.
  • Start date: Fall 2024.
  • Workplace: Rimouski/hybrid.
  • Salary: $22.50/hour.
  • Duration: 16 weeks.


To submit your application, please send your curriculum vitae and a cover letter addressed to Ms. Abïgaëlle Dussol, Ph.D., Executive Director before August 12, at Please note that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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