Seminars in spatial data analysis

ARCTUS team members have considerable experience in teaching at academic institutions. We offer seminars where we teach the participants various techniques EO data analysis techniques.

During the formations we make use of various powerful OpenSource data analysis tools. Although we concentrate our efforts on the R language which is our preferred data analysis tool, custom tools can also be used according to the needs of users.

A typical formation would consist of the following steps :

  • Introduction to the language : installation and use of various IDEs (Integrated Development Environments);
  • Teaching of the language basics :
    • Geting help with the language
    • Indexes, various data types
    • Looping, if/else statements
    • Functions, modular and object-oriented programming
  • Graphical techniques in interactive data analysis
  • Working with earth science data
    • Importing and exporting spatial data of various formats
    • Performing various spatial operations on data
  • Modeling and algorithm development
  • Numerical and statistical data analysis techniques
  • Spatial statistics

Please contact us to let us know of your specific requirements. We will gladly design a custom formation that will suit your needs.