GAAC tool

Genetic Algorithm-based Atmospheric Correction (GAAC)
Tool for moderate to high spatial resolution imagery over inland and coastal waters

GAAC is among the first algorithm capable to retrieve atmospheric aerosols and correcting for the adjacency contamination affecting water colour retrievals of small lakes and nearshore water from space. In addition to the retrieval of inland water remote sensing reflectance (Rrs), it also retrieves water constituents based on a semi-analytical model (inherent optical properties).  Its performance is superior to all algorithms currently used by the scientific communities (i.e., ACOLITE, SeaDAS, C2RCC, POLYMER, iCOR).

For the current version (v0.1), GAAC handles Sentinel-2/MSI and Landsat-8/OLI images that are Rayleigh corrected by the SeaDAS/l2gen program, which can be freely downloaded from the NASA Ocean colour website. The main functions of GAAC include aerosol correction, adjacency effects correction, and sun glint correction. Clouds, cloudy shadow, or land masking is not included in the current version of GAAC_V0.1.

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