ARCTUS engineers and scientists are highly qualified personnel (HQP) at your service. The team is composed of dynamic scientists who are specialized in the theoretical foundations of remote sensing and the newest Earth Observing (EO) technologies. They are able to rapidly synthesize the components of a complex scientific problem and deliver the results in the format appropriate for the task in hand. If requested, the results can even be brought to the end-user as a ready-to-use web-based or desktop GIS. In particular, ARCTUS offers you to :

Conceptualize your system

designARCTUS HQP are actively involved in research on EO technologies and are aware of the latest advances in the area of environmental remote sensing. We will analyze your needs and review the state-of-the-art literature to help you choose the most appropriate data collection technologies and data processing algorithms available on the scientific market.

data_collectionCollect datasets suitable to your needs

ARCTUS HQP are experts in remote and in-situ monitoring of various environmental indicators. The company and its collaborating academic, governmental or private partners own access to an impressive pool of instruments and existing datasets that would allow the most precise and accurate estimation of various environmental parameters. The team has an extensive background in bio-optical oceanography and in the design, development and deployment of instruments for data collection in natural water bodies and marine environments. Various specifically-designed autonomous platforms such as bio-optical buoys, gliders, ARGO floaters as well as imagery from airborne and satellite remote sensing platforms have been extensively used in the past by the members of the ARCTUS team.

Implement and validate your system

algorithm1 During the processing of Earth Observation data measured in-situ or obtained from various data providers (e.g., Space Agencies), ARCTUS HQP will either adapt existing data algorithms or design new ones to suit your specific needs. Algorithm validation is one of the areas of expertise of the ARCTUS team. The proposed algorithms will be validated with in-situ data collected during field campaigns using rigorous scientific standards that are internationally adopted. Scientifically based conclusions will be drawn based on the results obtained and recommendations will be made considering different aspects of the problem and the studied area.

Disseminate data to users

web_gisRecent advances in the instrumentation technologies make it possible to create voluminous EO data that is readily accessible by the scientific community. This creates a serious challenge during the processing, display and sharing of the data. It is however possible to achieve successful and efficient data management strategies, thanks to the advances in the computer hardware technologies, to the exponential increase of the speed of internet and to the development of geospatial software tools. ARCTUS HQP make use of powerful Open Source GIS tools for an easy, scalable and cost-effective production of the scientific end-products. It does not matter whether you need :
•    simple printout maps;
•    written scientific reports;
•    added data products to be internally used within desktop GIS platforms;
•    web-based GIS tools for your user community to be able to access, download, display and further process contents of the data pool…

ARCTUS has a solution for it !