Our mission & vision

Our mission
  • be a recognized R&D company specialized in the monitoring of natural resources using Earth Observation tools
  • develop practical tools exploiting Earth Observation data and to provide modeling capacities for an integrated management of the environment
  • undertake research activities related with ocean and coastal observations and modeling
  • provide consulting services to Earth Observation data users
Our values
ArctUS, a committed team

ArctUS, a committed team

Arctus consists of devoted, involved and loyal people. We work together to reach our common goals.


We love the ocean. Our curiosity and passion drive us to develop innovative solutions, dedicated to environmental monitoring and coastal ocean protection.


We build on our differences and our diversity. Our strength lies in the blend of expertise, training, various professional journeys and international roots.

Living by the River

We love the Bas-St-Laurent region, and we support highly qualified jobs in Rimouski to contribute to regional economic development.


Our state-of-the-art innovations connect land and sea and bring scientific knowledge to the end-users.

Expertise and quality

We love solving problems and overcoming challenges with high standards.


We work boldly and cooperatively with support and respect.